Subtitle: Ever So Slightly More Confident Than Last Year

My Mom is a great gardener.  Back when I was a teacher and owned a little house she would encourage me to just “pull a few weeds every time you walk past the garden”.  Somehow that never happened.  Neither did cutting the lawn.  Or planting anything.  I know that my neighbours felt sorry for me because they would comment on how dedicated I was to my job while glancing at my overgrown yard.  (Or maybe they were judging me?  I bet they were judging me.  And secretly wishing I would fix up the yard so that their property values would stop falling.)

That was a long time ago and I’m clearly a different person now because few things are bringing me as much joy these days as the ecstasy of ripping out dandelions.  Don’t get me wrong: the weeds are most definitely winning, but I’m going to fight the good fight.  Or get a blow torch.  I might do that.

garden wide shot

I spent some time adjusting the shape of the front garden because it seemed a little pointy to me and a perfect semi-circle is just nicer.  The husband refused to offer his opinion of the merits of semi-circular gardens or help with moving the rocks.  The word “crazy” may have escaped his lips.

garden day lilies

These Day Lilies came all the way from Parry Sound last fall and were the only thing I felt sure would reappear after the winter.  In front is a little bit of Bee Balm – have you ever smelled it?! – from our friend Collin down the road, also known as He Of The Most Beautiful Garden In All The Land.  Have I also mentioned that almost everything in here was free?  I bought a couple of Delphiniums but am fairly certain I’ll be able to kill them before the end of the summer.

garden violets

Our yard is full of Violets.  They are the only thing really duking it out with the dandelions.  For realsies, there is barely any grass in our yard.  It gave up a long time ago.  Some folks might find Violets annoying because they are so pervasive/invasive, but I really like them.  Their foliage is gorgeous.  And they’re pretty hard to kill.  Also hard to kill are the Forget Me Nots I planted from seeds given to me by the K-W Alzheimer’s Society.  Funny thing, though, none of them sprouted where I planted them.  The majority of them came up in the back yard.  Thank you, squirrels, for letting me know where your toilet is.  Several have now been transplanted back out front where I put them in the first place.  Violets + Forget Me Nots = no room for dandelions.  Voracious blue flowers are where it’s at, baby.


And most exciting of all – wow, am I ever a dork! – the Hostas all survived!   I’m hoping they get ginormous.  Like, really, really, monstrously big.  (The husband was more willing to help out with these since all I asked him to do was pee in the general area to discourage the deer from nibbling at them)

So, what do you think, Mom?  Getting there, hey?!  Oh, and is this an Iris or something from a horror movie I should be afraid of: